Collaborative engagement combines the achievement of in-depth market knowledge with the right strategy elements to connect seamlessly with your brand's audiences through optimized discoverability and effective brand messaging and target marketing.

We'll help you understand the audience you're targeting with your products, services and programs, then will create unique methods and tools to reach them and design engagement programs to build loyalty for your products and services from both consumers and partners.
Collaborative engagement is everything!
  • Market analytics with vertical market expertise
  • Promotional marketing program execution
  • Business development with consumers/partners
  • Online marketing and social media
Social Media: What We Can Do for You
We creatively combine the typical social media strategy and planning work with a focus on market analytics and business development elements to help you achieve growth and demonstrate ROI:
Extend your brand's reach to new eyes, ears and wallets
Engage your audiences to maximize brand enjoyment and WOM results
Develop and/or locate and place relevant content in discoverable places
Analyze key metrics to guide growth in desired directions
Combine tools to maximize leverage and multiply results
Employ flexible marketing and social media services to match your company's needs. From strategy formulation to campaign execution, we'll represent your brand and engage your audience. Learn more
Outsource your market research and planning activities to a virtual team member to help shape your roadmap and direct your sales and target marketing efforts. Learn more
Extend the power and reach of your products and services through our creative growth strategies, and engagement of and alignment with the right partners. Learn more
Promotional Marketing
Vertical Marketing
Business Development
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  • Market opportunity assessments
  • Promotional marketing programs
  • Launch planning and execution
  • Business plan refinement
  • Market research point projects
  • Business development strategies
  • Partnership alignment plans
  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media program implementation

Project Examples